Lust For Life Whip - White Snake Open Toed Bootie Shoe Lust For Life Krown - Hot Neon Citron Strappy Stiletto Heel Shoe Lust For Life Lark - Natural Snake Fringed Heel Pump Lust For Life Righteous - Bright Multi Snake Peep Toe Stilettos

Do you have a Lust For Life?

Or should we say, do you have a pair of LFL's or Lust For Life shoes or boots? At any rate, if you do have a lust for life, you MUST own or prepare to own a pair of Lust for Life shoes or boots. You will not find a more creative, unique pair of shoes anywhere. When they branded themselves with the name Lust for Life, they were not kidding. They own it and live up to the name completely.

The wildly creative shoe and boot designs are incredible. If you do not have a lust for life, you certainly may get one once you sport a pair of LFL boots. Just look at the ones shown here. A pair of white open toe, and open heeled ankle booties with a stiletto heel - but, that is just the beginning. Take a peek at the colors used. There are bright yellow straps running all along the front of the shoetie / bootie. Wowsa, and we are still not done. Take a look at the back lace up done in another color completely. If you wear these boots and everyone does not notice them, well...I have to say they have no lust for life.

Looking at some other styles of Lust For Life, I am almost at a loss for words. Their shoe and boot designs are so incredibly unique and stunning. If fringes are your thing, then do not hesitate to take a look at the Lark stiletto high heel shoe. With a sexy 4 1/2" heel, which by the way, is barely noticeable due to the pony tail like fringe on the heel portion of the shoe. Imagine the movement that people will see from your feet as you walk around in these pointed toe heels. For any horse lovers (who also love high heels) out there, this shoe will be one you will love forever - not necessarily recommended for the stables though - as I am sure you can see why.

Do you have a summer wedding to attend? Are you looking for a new pair of shoes to wear with that little black dress? LFL Lust for Life women's dress shoes are perfect to wear with any little black something - little black dress, a black jumper, black dress pants and top - or any all white outfit for that matter. Lust for Life heels are so interesting that they will provide the pop to your outfit without question. Wear a pair of these shoes and you will need very few accessories. These shoes will even outdo most handbags, purses or clutches. Often it is suggested to pop your outfit with your handbag. I suggest you give your outfit the punch of color and interest with a pair of these dress shoes. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will be talking about your shoes. And don't should not wear a flashy or really colorful dress or outfit with these shoes. These shoes need to be the star of the show. You do not want to have an outfit war - meaning do not make your clothing fight with your shoes. Let one be the hit for the day. And with Lust For Life shoes, they want to be the showoff so I say, let them!

Want to have your legs look longer? Wear a pair of stilettos which go up your leg and calf. Because the dress shoes go up your leg, they almost look like boots, like mid-calf boots but, they are not really boots. This mid-calf rise stiletto heeled shoes look fantastic with a short romper or cropped jumpsuit. The fact that the shoe goes half way up the calf helps to extend the look of your legs. But wait, not only will it make your legs look longer, they will look slimmer too. Now, who doesn't want a little help in that area.

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